Shadow Designs offers many different web designs to suit your specific needs.  Would you like to get your small business online, using PayPal to sell your products?  Have you always wanted to have your own personal web site to share photos and current events with friends and family but don't want the hassle of learning to build your web site?  Let Shadow Designs do this for you.  Shadow Design can look up the availability of your requested domain name, make arrangements for the purchase and setup of your domain name and the hosted space for your site to be stored.  If the name you request is unavailable we can suggest alternate choices that may suit your needs.  Shadow Designs can create, manage and update your website for you, leaving you more things like running your business or focusing on the fun things in life.

Digital Photo Editing

   Shadow Designs offers photo editing.  Need an old family picture that was damaged restored?  Maybe someone was missing from a family photo and you want them added to the picture. Have you ever liked everything about a picture except the acne you don't want to share with friends and family. Or maybe you just want the rabbit ears you have from your comic cousin Lennie removed. Let Shadow Designs take a look.

   Photography has been a long time family hobby, as well as family business.  Shadow Designs has many photos for sale with usage stipulated in Purchase Information.

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