• The Spiral Staircase of Life

    The spiral staircase of life
    is where we are all.
    We sometimes climb high
    only to fall.

    Life is like chess.
    You never know if you're the pawn.
    You might make the right move
    or you might end up gone.

    It's a tricky world
    with friends and enemies alike.
    The trick is to see
    whose wrong and whose right.

    Life is a spiral staircase.

    Remember not to trip
    Going down isn't easy
    and you never know when you might slip.


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       The Spiral Staircase of life is a book of poetry dealing with Jorgeís years of depression, excessive drinking and his interactions with family, friends, lovers and strangers.  He also writes his interpretations of people and how they cope with the world.  It is a poetic trip into the mind of an average man in an urban environment.  We see his struggles with drugs, alcohol, people and all the inner demons that go with these situations.  The book is divided into three chapters, the Good, Bad and Ugly of his life and those around him in the City of New York.  The poetry represents the authorís moods from happy to sad, anger, guilt, trust and feelings of betrayal which we all experience in our lives.  He observes people in bars, work, subways and in the streets of the city.  Itís a rollercoaster ride, itís a spiral staircase which we all climb up and sometimes fall.  In the end we have to dust ourselves off and climb it one more time.






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